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About us

Indian Diaspora or the Non Resident Indians as they are normally called, play a very important role in the Economy and Sociology of India. NRIs earnings all over the world are estimated at $250 billion and therefore can contribute a lot to Indian Economy. 48/67 Billion has been transferred to India during 2016-17 which is highest by of any country in the world.

However, very low ease of doing business is the major cause of repulsion in the investment decisions of NRIs. In addition to poor implementation of laws in India also affects the decision making of NRIs. Another factor affecting the investment decision is lack of trust which has been caused due to wrong handling by some dishonest consultant in the past. Other factors which influence their decision making are:

  • Lack of knowledge about the applicable laws
  • Communication Gaps
  • Lack of Physical Presence
  • Lack of push information for Latest Opportunities
  • Lack of single window facilities

We are a team of Professionals which will work on the principal of Mutual Trust.


Our Vision and Approach

We distinctly understand the importance of NRIs to indian economy and the dilemma and problems faced by them in taking their investment decisions, particularly in sale/ purchase of property. NRIs are usually concerned about security of their investment and rightness of their decision. They are also concerned about right growth of their investment and remittances to and fro. Another major concern of the NRIs remain about the compliances of taxation laws in India. Most of the problems are caused due to lack of trust and physical presence in India.

Our approach is to Plugin this Gap of Trust and Physical Presence by building trust through transparency and creating Virtual Presence of NRIs through our support team.

How We Work

We are a team of professionals which continuously study the market conditions and laws relating to NRIs in India. We take queries from NRIs and reply them in shortest possible time. We undertake turnkey projects for sale/purchase of properties of NRIs. Our services span from title search to final registration at the best prevailing market rates. The services are further extended to the tax planning and remittances of sale proceeds of properties. We mitigate the hindrances caused due to physical absence by creating virtual presence though our team.

Our USP is to Guide and Execute.

Our Team

www.nriguidance.com provides all in one service window to cater all the NRIs all over the world. Our Team consists of :

  • Chartered Accountants
  • Advocates
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Property Experts
  • Retired High Officials of Police
  • Retired Secretaries to Government of Punjab and Government of India
  • Retired Income Tax Officials
  • Retired Revenue Officials
  • Investment Bankers
  • Funds Managers
  • Doctors
  • Astrologers
  • Travel Agents

All the team members are highly experienced and influential people in their area of expertise. The objective is to provide unhindered, time bound and professional services in respect of any matters of interest to the members.

The Platform is one of its kind which provides Interactive Portal with complete Accountability. TRUST is our MOTTO.

We have no authorised representative anywhere in the world to receive payments on our behalf. We shall not be responsible for any payment made in any account or to any person other than our designated account.